Hi #MomocLover, we wish you a happy June! This post is about The Personality and Shoe Test to find out which type of shoes define better your personality! We dare you try it ?

Many numerous studies have been carried out revealing personality traits based on the shoes you wear (read the article). Of course, brands create different models and design thinking about different women, but how exactly are the type of women the designers have in their minds when creating a new model?

We invite you to take the test and discover our nice collections!

1. The most important aspect about a shoe is…

a) Depends on the moment! There are as many shoes as activities, types of parties and reunions, and of course, as many shoes as clothes! However, what I consider most important is the elegance of a shoe: a shoe that is feminine and adapts to all kind of situations.

b) I like feeling my feet cozy and comfortable. Comfort and the silkiness touch of a shoe are a must and at the same time the shoe is coquette.

c)The most important thing about a shoe is that it has personality, like me. And if it’s high heels I appreciate a thick comfy heel.

2. How is my perfect Saturday?

a) Depends on my mood and time of the year! I love discovering new places, exhibitions, parks… and then meet up for lunch and take a walk with my family and/or friends and end up in a good terrace with drinks. What I most like is that I never know when I will be back home!

b) My perfect Saturday is a lo t of sun: beach, mountain, parks, picnics… and during winter I love the coffee shops and little home-made bakeries.

c) Extreme sports: surf, climbing, cross-country… my perfect Saturday is intense and full of energy, just like me!

3. How do you prefer your Sundays…

a) Depends on my Saturday and the plans scheduled for the following week! BBQ, exhibition or couch are perfect plans for a good Sunday.

b) Cozy couch with blanket for winter and swimming pool for summer, or a full day at the beach.

c) Sundays are for planning the following week, so resting and may be in the evening drinks with friends or a movie.

4. Which is your precious quality?

a) I try to be elegant and discreet in all ways possible: the way I express myself, the decisions I take and of course the way I dress. It makes me feel comfy and secure.

b) The joy and tenderness are maybe the two aspects I value most of my personality.

c) I love my physical and mental strength. And the toughness and the capacity to meet my goals.

4. Which quality do you value most on other people?

a) I like people who are elegant, discreet, tolerant and adaptable to all kind of situations.

b) I like spontaneous people, loving and fun!

c) I value the sincerity to infinity and beyond!

5. Which type of books do you like reading?

a) Historical novel and classics of universal literature.

b) I love contemporary books and mainly love novels or autobiographies of interesting people. My mind travels when reading these books and I reflect on the interesting quotes highlighted.

c) Don’t really have patience with long romantic novels. I’m fond of short stories and practical books that help me on a certain aspect of my life, for example, sports books, time management…

6. If you had the opportunity to live one day in the life of a famous person of another era, who would you choose?

a) A scientific, a writer or a journalist, the type of women who made history: Hipatia de AlejandrĂ­a, Mary Shelley, Martha Gellhorn

b) I would love to be Marilyn Monroe for a day!

c) I have difficulties to choose between the designer Coco Chanel or the aviator Amelia Earhart

Ready to check your results!

Most of your answers are a:

 Belle, Ciel, Burgundy and Saumon and Saumon D’été collections

You are an outgoing person, but with sense of control, calmness and prudence. You enjoy freedom and you give your best version to close and specific people and moments. Your perfect shoe model needs to follow your rhythm and stands out with elegance and harmony.

Most of your answers are b:

Sable rose, Sable Bleu and Sable Noir capsule collection

You are defined as a loving person! You are sweet, generous and enjoy every moment of freedom and energy nature offers you as a gift. You love the sun, the breeze, Spring light rain and those small but big pleasures that money cannot buy. Your perfect shoe model is comfy, soft and happy like you!

Most of your answers are c:

Nuage Noir, FĂ©lin, Ciel Doux and Cobra collections

You are a bundle of energy! You are a fighter, you love achieving your goals and exceeding them and when an idea gets into your mind nothing will stop you…You stand out of the crowd and the way you walk is unique, you need shoes that stand out and are original just like you!

Have we hit the bullseye with the descriptions of your type of shoe? Would love to read your opinions and comments to momoc@momocshoes.com.

Thank you!

Cheers and read us soon!

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