Our affinity towards Dog Friendly places is in relation, of course, to the fact that we love dogs, but it’s also got to do with something bigger. Behind Dog Friendly places there is a philosophy of life, a planet which is home to all species and where we can all live together. And this is also valid for the cities. How are the cities which gather in harmony all human beings and species? More sustainable, for sure!

We would like to share with you One Day with your dog; we know how difficult it is each morning to say goodbye to our hairy beings and the shops also know it, so there are more and more shops which sum up to the Dog Friendly tag and we couldn’t be happier! We visit Madrid and its lovely Dog Friendly places. But search the ones in your city, which are also very cool. Here’s the link to Spain’s Dog Friendly places.

Breakfast at Cafelito

This cozy bar is found in Lavapiés (C/ Sombrerete 20). In addition to making you travel to another era and being ecological (you can use their coffee pot waste for your garden, just look out for the bucket at the entrance), you can enjoy delicious coffee and tea while reading a book together with your dog. Cafelito offers its customers a small library where you can choose a new adventure and leave the one you have loved so another person can enjoy it. Taste its delicious homemade cakes and if you are a saltier person for breakfast order a Wild Toast!

Stroll by El Retiro Park

After enjoying a good breakfast, we walk 20 minutes to the park. We search for the “dog area” where your dog can make friends and play freely. After enjoying the playtime, sign up for a free guided visit, you will discover the secrets of the park, known by only a few people.

Appetizer Time!

You have two options: or stay in one of the park’s terraces or discover the Madrid’s typical Verbena Bar (C/ Velarde 24), 20 minute walk from the park (or by underground, Tribunal or Bilbao). Enjoy a fresh beer together with croquetas de la madre que me parió and a just made Spanish tortilla. The decoration is authentic, and you can enjoy one of their selections of crafted beer. If you fall in love, you can also celebrate your birthday there!

Now we are ready for lunch time

Bar Galleta (C/ Corredera baja de San Pablo 31) at 8 minute walk, is waiting for us. Decorated with wood and white brick to make you feel at home. We recommend breaded eggplants as starter, then go for stuffed mushrooms and finish with apple pie and hot puff with cookie ice cream, yummy!

Visit the pop art gallery

While letting your lunch go down, we walk for 2 minutes to the pop art gallery La Fiambrera (Calle del Pez, 7), well known for its surrealism pop art, lowbrow, urban art, illustration and graphic design. Enjoy the visit and you can buy a little something as a souvenir to brighten the wall at home.

Tea Time with Hermanas Arce

At C/ Marqués de Monasterio 6, a 14 minute walk, delicious homemade scones are ready to be tasted. The local was opened not long ago by two sisters who are passionate of yummy and healthy food. Their strawberry and buckwheat muffins are exquisite and the brioche with nuts, butter, brown sugar and a bit of cinnamon are equally irresistible. Everything is super yummy so hard to choose! The decoration is simple and pleasant to enjoy a nice time.

We continue our stroll through the Madrid downtown streets, discovering new places, buildings and locals and asking if they are Dog Friendly, in our perfect world we can walk with our dogs with total freedom and enter in all locals.

Evening cocktails at 1862 Dry Bar

Move to Casablanca at C/ del Pez 27, a 15 minute walk. Be surprised by their original author cocktails. The delicious flavors and the decoration make you feel in a movie, just like the Rick’s Café!

If you and your dog still have energy… La Gloria

A 3 minute walk (C/ del Noviciado 2) to make you feel like at your grandma’s. All their homemade dishes are authentic, their molletes are famous and the starter cream of peppers and nuts with cumin, paprika and oil is super tasty.

And, this fantastic day with any of your Momocs, they go along with all of your outfits and they fit in all of the places you visit.

Lastly, if you are up to visit one of the nice villages of Spain (Los Pueblos Mas Bonitos de España), we recommend Chinchón and the hotel La Casa del Hortelano, is Dog Friendly and is 1 minute walk from the main plaza. On top, you can enjoy walks with your dog through the countryside full of olive trees. Lovely!

Now yes, it’s time for a nap!

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Cheers and read us soon!


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