Last week we had the great pleasure and pride to be one of the three winners of the Female Entrepreneurs 2019 prize organized by the Community of Madrid, Spain. Being part of this competition has allowed us to not only continue to be highly motivated and work with even greater enthusiasm and strength than ever, but it’s also given us the chance to sit down and analyze the shoe market in detail. In this post we want to share with you the data we collected so that you can get to know us a little bit better!

Let’s start with the general context of the shoe market: a study carried out in 20161 estimated that more than 23,000 million pairs of shoes were annually made. More than 86% of this mass production was and still is manufactured in Asia – mainly China. More than 87% of the shoes do not take into account any ecological nor sustainable values.

However, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. More and more, consumers are starting to demand information regarding the origin of the products they buy and the people who make them (#whomademyclothes, #whomademyshoes). 1 out of 3 consumers claim to care about the social and environmental impact they have when they’re shopping2. More than 60% would like to know where products come from, how they’re made and who’s made them.

The ‘Ananas Paprika’ sandal is made from a vegan leather called ‘Piñatex’, made out of pineapple leaves.

Thanks to this new green consciousness, it’s a bit easier to find original sustainable alternatives to the ordinary non-sustainable materials that are generally used in the shoe world. 

For Momoc it’s been a slow and steady ride, but now we’ve reached a point of no return and we’re so excited about it: from now on all new designs will be vegan… and sustainable, of course! Our goal is to always continue to grow, investigate and learn.

It’s important to highlight that when we talk about vegan fashion it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s sustainable. Most vegan materials used in fashion can be very polluting – e.g. synthetic leathers or polyester. For us it’s essential that our materials are not only vegan, but also sustainable and certified, i.e. OEKO-TEX, GOTS y GRS. Moreover, 60% of the materials we use are recycled.

Our packaging is also conscious, 100% plastic free. We use an original box-bag made from organic cotton, 100% reusable, and recycled cardboard and paper to protect the shoes. As a result of these actions, for every pair of shoes Momoc saves 12,000 grams of CO emissions, 8,000 litres of water and 0.02 kWh of electricity.

Our main pillar is not only the environmental responsibility we have, but also the social and economic. Our production is 100% local and ethical, respecting labor laws. Our shoes are 100% made in Elda, Alicante (Spain) by shoemakers who have been working for more than 25 years in the shoe sector.

We are committed to the 0 Km. It’s for this reason that most of our suppliers, the shoemakers and the warehouse are located in the same area, Elda (Alicante, Spain).

The most valuable motto of an entrepreneur is to improve what it’s within their reach. That’s why we donate 2% of our profits to reforestation and animal sanctuaries.

We are very grateful for all the support and congratulatory messages we’ve received after announcing the great news. We don’t want to end this article without saying thank you for the daily support. It’s what keeps us going and what motivates us to keep improving with even more energy and happiness! For all this and so much more…


1 Shoe magazine, year 2016
2 Consumer Survey Report by Fashion Revolution, to European Consumers, November 2018

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