Most of our materials are extracted from nature without harming it, such as cork and natural rubber.
Circular business model and zero waste is the future. Our shoes are crafted with recycled materials.
We manufacture our shoes using 100% ecological chrome-free and metal-free tanned leather with minor environmental impact and from Spanish origin.

Our materials

Our aim is for humans, animals and the environment to always be respected, allowing our customers to walk the Planet conscientiously, responsibly and fashionably.

Sole: Recycled natural rubber

Recycled natural rubber is the best alternative to other, less sustainable, soles.

Natural rubber comes mainly from Vietnam and Malaysia, as you may know, from the Hevea tree.

Sole production does not create a CO2 footprint or require the use of water.

In addition, the silica footprint (also known as silicon dioxide or SiO2) is controlled through the use of mechanisms that allow silica to be reused, resulting in 0% silica emissions.

Insole: Regenerated leather

Recycling and upcycling is our objective whenever this is a possibility and it does not compromise quality standards. We use regenerated leather with a silky touch for the insole of the shoes.

You will feel like you are walking on clouds when walking in your MOMOCs!

Ecological chrome-free and heavy metal-free leather

To define the leather we consider two ecological guidelines: the production process and the product itself.

The manufacturing process reduces the environmental impact to a minimum, reduces water consumption and chemical charge in the effluents and the recycling thereof. This is in addition to our reusing solid wastes as fertilizers, naturally drying the leather at room temperatures and reducing volatile compounds emissions.

Starting with selected raw materials (fresh Iberian hides) obtaining an ecological product requires conserving the hides in cold storage, without any other preserving agents, a chrome- and metal-free tannage (wet-white), along with the use of metal-free dye stuffs and water based finishes.

Our leather has Chrome-Free and Metal-Free certification.

Regenerated leather high-heels

In order to continue supporting our sustainable practices, our high-heels are made from regenerated leather with the objective to reduce the use of new resources.

The regenerated leather high-heel is confortable, long-lasting and of high quality compared to other less sustainable high-heels, such as the ones made out from plastic.

The importance of packaging

Packaging also uses an important amount of resources Worldwide, and packaging designed for a single use ends up in landfills, taking years, if not thousands of years, to biodegrade. Plastic, for example, is not biodegradable, it takes 450 years to fragment into micro particles but it does not dissapear.

For this reason, we have simplified our packaging design by not using shoe boxes. Instead we use 100% ecological cotton made shoe bags which can be re-used and are perfect for travelling.

We are investigating the use of recycled and ecological materials for making our shoe bags, which would support our circular business model.

Exceptionally, our first collection, Belle Collection, comes in recycled cardboard boxes together with a 100% cotton MOMOC shoe bag.


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