Before Momoc shoes, we shared information and learned about sustainable life thanks to close people; friends, colleagues, neighbors and family who had common thinking to our lifestyle and guided us. At the same time, we shared information thanks to our trips and learnings in Europe and New Zealand.

Momoc shoes meant for us a turning point with respect to opening to the world. We rediscovered social networks as a universe to connect and share information and sustainable causes. Thanks to the social networks we discovered people who think like us! Who are taking healthy and sustainable lifestyle, zero waste and circular economy very seriously and from whom we are learning lots!

That’s how we discovered @Quinoaplanet! She takes sustainable and healthy lifestyle to another level 😊 and makes it look so easy!

Enjoy the interview!

What is Quinoa Planet for you?

Quinoa Planet is my world. Is having a healthy life in general, food, sports, looking after oneself inside and out… being psychologically and emotionally balanced, and of course, looking after our planet.

What is for you a sustainable lifestyle?

I believe that sustainability is defined by the purpose. This means, for what purposes do we take notice of what we do and how we do it?  To feel better, to leave a better world to the next generations. I believe that a sustainable lifestyle starts with oneself, in our own well-being, but it does not stop there, it has a clearly global purpose. In the last years there has been an individualistic trend of care and we have forgotten that the most important action is to look after our planet, that is our home. A sustainable lifestyle is the one which reminds us that our real homes are our bodies in their integrity and our planet.

In what way do you think social networks influence to promoting a sustainable lifestyle?

Like everything… With the example that we can set, a few are turn to a lot and we together can change many things. Nowadays, thanks to the social networks, even supermarkets are changing and becoming sustainable. This phenomenon is very important, and we need to continue getting the best out of social networks because they really work.

Advantages and disadvantages of globalization?

Advantages are that we have access to knowledge, culture and opportunities to grow professionally that before were unthinkable. Disadvantages, our identities sometimes get dissolved and we can loose important things. For example, the Mediterranean diet in Spain is disappearing. Note that the Mediterranean diet is based on vegetables, fruit, olive oil, whole cereal and little animal protein. However, nowadays, there is meat and animal protein overconsumption. This is having serious negative consequences on our health as well as on our ecosystem. The animal breeding wastes much more water and resources than agriculture. To this, sum up the contamination generated by the meat industry, which involves, production, manufacture, distribution… even today, in Madrid, respiratory diseases and allergies proliferate due to contamination.

Fast fashion vs sustainable fashion, what’s your opinion?

I believe this is another disadvantage of globalization and the crazy consumption cycled; the habit of a few uses and then throwing away is destroying our planet. I think that going for sustainable fashion with identity, like your Momoc shoes, not only helps looking after our planet, but also helps reminding ourselves that we are special within a global movement: we continue having our own culture and our own brands. It is important to bethink and show it.

Recently, we published an article with tips to progress towards Zero Waste, which tips would you add? Please tell us new advices you have discovered.

In case you are not yet aware of it, in several supermarkets and mall centres, you are allow to use your own transparent containers to store the meat and fish you buy there. They have also introduced bags made from potato starch for the fruits and vegetable in bulk.

Another idea is to take our own containers when we buy in the local neighborhood supermarket and ask to wrap the products with paper or cardboard avoiding the use of plastic trays.

Also new in the market are reusable cloth diapers and biodegradable diapers. Can’t wait to try the cloth ones! A friend of mine is super happy with them!

Another habit that I have is to take my own water bottle, BPA free, and reuse it.

For the birthday parties, BBQs, family reunions… the best thing is to rent crystal glasses or buy good quality plastic ones that can be reused.

Sincerely, I think that for the time being, it’s impossible to eliminate plastic from our lives, but yes, we can reduce it as much as possible. Reducing the use of plastic is giving back years to the planet. We need to do it. Same thing happens with shoes, many people replace leather shoes because of animal love but if they are not leather, they may be made of plastic which is much worse for the animals!

Lastly, please give us three advices that serve as a guide for a sustainable lifestyle

Let’s simplify… conscious consumption, a conscious diet. Give back to the world.


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