Don’t buy shoes this Christmas – sponsor a primate

A few weeks ago we visited the Rainfer Primate Rescue & Rehabilitation Center for the first time and came out wanting to contribute to this beautiful cause in one way or another. As you know, one of our biggest values we stand by is our social and environmental responsibility. We truly believe giving back is among the most important and valuable things an entrepreneur can do, which is why we knew from the moment we decided to embark on this crazy adventure, that Momoc would always give part of its benefits to non-profit organisations engaged with reforestation projects as well as the return of animals to their natural habitat and/or the conservation of animals that can no longer be returned (as is the case for the animals rescued by Rainfer).  

Finding the right organisation to collaborate with is not just a Google search away. When we decide to collaborate with an organisation it’s because we’ve fallen in love with the work that they do, we’ve seen it from up close and even lived the experience in some cases. The thorough research eventually comes after. When we visited the Rainfer Rescue & Rehabilitation Center, we knew we wanted to do something with them right from the start. Rainfer is an animal sanctuary. A primate sanctuary to be precise. Now you’re probably asking yourself, what is an animal sanctuary? Well, sanctuaries are like ‘paradises’. They’re the best alternative animals who’ve suffered terrible torture, mistreatment and abuse by humans at having at a second, more peaceful and better chance at life. It’s also the best place to work on their return into wildlife, whenever it’s still an option.

The Rainfer Primate Rescue & Rehabilitation Center is a place for rest and rehabilitation for the primates who’ve been forced to live a life they didn’t deserve. Their goal is to rescue, rehabilitate and introduce these primates into an appropriate social group, where they can live in environmentally, naturalised enclosures. It’s a place where they are positively stimulated, learn from their peers how to freely display natural behaviours and strive to be happy. Every year, countless numbers of primates are taken from their natural habitat by humans, or are bred in captivity with the aim of gaining profit. They are taken from their social group at a young age with the objective of selling them as pets, or exploiting them for show (circuses, films, publicity, etc.). They are often kept in terrible conditions, and lack basic needs which are crucial for their proper development. This can lead to serious health issues, both psychological and physical. And when these primates reach a certain age and and can no longer be ‘used’, they’re abandoned and end up being kept the cheapest way possible, and in extremely poor conditions.

The Rainfer Center currently give home and hope to more than 130 primates which unfortunately cannot go back to their natural habitat. This means they’ll require special care for their entire life – not only the physical, but psychological as well. Which is why the center has a team of fully equipped professionals, specialised in biology, primatology, veterinary medicine, and other disciplines. It’s safe to say the primates are in very good hands.

The sanctuary not only offers the primates a new opportunity to be happy with other animals of their same species,  but they also focus a lot of their work on raising social awareness. “To get to the root of the problem, it is essential for people to be aware of the issues these animals face both in the wild and in captivity, and get on board with our mission. Unfortunately, it is because of a lack of understanding and knowledge from society as a whole, that these animals now find themselves under such dire conditions”. It’s very important to remember that Rainfer is not a zoo nor an exhibition that’s open to the public. The visits are only available during the weekend and are exclusively reserved to smaller groups that deeply care for the animals.

The total financial help that Rainfer receives annually from the government only covers the sanctuary’s expenditure of a month and a half. Consequently, the center solely depends on the financial support received from donations (people, companies), events and activities, organised conferences and primatological courses, educational visits for schools and colleges, and the merchandise they sell.

And this is where Momoc comes in.

This year, we’ve decided to launch a different kind of Christmas campaign: “Don’t just buy shoes this Christmas, sponsor a primate”. Until December the 15th, for every purchase you make at Momoc, you’ll be sponsoring a Rainfer primate in need. Thanks to you, these primates will get to have a second chance in life, away from years of abuse. Your help will provide them with good food and good care to lead a happy and worthy life. Moreover, together with your purchase, you’ll be receiving a sponsor certificate, the story of the primate you’ll be sponsoring and news regarding your primate. All this, while rocking a pair of brand new Momocs: doesn’t it sound like the best gift ever? 

For more information regarding the work they do, visit:

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