Meeting up with the family, catching up with friends, having time for oneself to relax and to rest… Christmas time is lovely! And you can make it even better by looking after the health of the planet and its inhabitants. Do you know how? By buying presents with an ecological and ethical conscious.

To make it easier, we have gathered some advices for your Christmas purchases. And, if you would like to know more brands meeting the luxury, sustainable and ethical values, we invite you to visit the website Positive Luxury.


  1. Buying clothes with ecological conscious, Look after your loved ones by looking after the planet!

Did you know that ecological clothes are the best for the health of your loved ones? This is how because the clothes are manufactured with materials grown in the most natural way possible and the fibers have been treated with loving care. The processes which treat the fibers with caress are also respectful with the environment.

In addition, when you give an ecological garment as a present you can be sure you are also offering quality in your gift. An ecological garment has 10 times longer life than a non-ecological one. And if you need more, please note that garments made from ecological cotton keep their natural wax much longer, making the garment look always beautiful!

Did you know that ecological products are also made respecting ethical conditions? The worker who has produced them will also enjoy a Merry Christmas thanks to you!

Have we convinced you? Then we list hereafter the ecological certificates to look after when buying clothes. We list the most relevant ones as the unification in this respect is still far away in the fashion industry. GOTS is the best known, it certifies that 70% of the fibers have an organic origin and that severe environmental measures have been respected during its manufacture. A step further is GOTS Organic which certifies that 95% of the fibers have an organic origin.

Other important fashion brands have the B Corp certification.  To obtain it significant and serious requirements need to be fulfilled, such as, environmental and ethical values. Cool brands like Ecoalf, which products meet the circular economy principles, have obtained the B Corp certification.

Lastly, if you buy products certified by Naturtextil then you are buying one of the best products in the market as 100% of the fibers need to have an organic origin and the manufacture conditions to obtain such certificate are very strict. Also, the ethical conditions are very rigorous.


  1. Shoes as Christmas gifts, from companies engaged with the environment

Sustainable shoes are those which are manufacture from organic and biodegradable materials and metal-free and chrome-free materials. Generally, they are manufacture with ecological cotton, wool, cork, natural rubber, ecological leather and recycled leather. For their packaging, recycled cardboard and biodegradable bags are generally used.

The way they are manufacture should also be sustainable. Nature should be barely hurt when obtaining the materials and the CO2 emissions should also be close to zero. The waste produced during the manufacture of the shoes should be reused or upcycled into new materials or products. The sustainable footwear also looks after the workers and provides fair wages and fair working conditions.

The result is confy and long-lasting shoes which are respectful with the environment.

And if you would like to offer as Christmas present original and sophisticated shoes, then your brand is Momoc!


  1. The best beauty cosmetics to satisfy the ecological conscious of your family relative/friend…

Good news to know that more and more women start using natural and organic cosmetics. Such products, on top of looking after the planet, create less allergies and less skin problems making them a perfect gift for this Christmas.

Before you run to buy them, just wait a few minutes until we explain to you the difference between “natural”, “organic” and “vegan”.

Natural cosmetic: at least 90% of the raw materials used are from natural origin (can be from a vegetal or animal origin) and less than 10% from chemical products.

Organic cosmetic: only uses raw materials grown in ecological agriculture farms.

Vegan cosmetic: uses only raw materials from a vegetal origin.

To assure the products you buy are organic or ecological look for the following certifications: ECOCERT, SOIL ASSOCIATION or NATRUE. Having these certificates also means the products are free from animal testing.

Our favourite brands are Cîme Natural Skincare y Nat&Be Cosmética Natural.


  1. Sustainable luxury: jewellery with ecological and ethical conscious

If you have continued reading this post is because you are a person who cares for the planet and its living beings. It means you are worth gold! And Gold obviously certified by “No dirthy gold” or by “Earthbeate foundation”. These are the best well known certificates for a mining exploitation respectful with the ecosystems and the communities working with this metal.

As you are a person committed to this planet, you should be aware that it is very difficult to know if the jewelry made from silver and other gem stones is free from conflict. However, thanks to clients who demand to their jewelers to buy from honest and ethical suppliers, transparency in this respect is nearer.


  1. Buying mobile phones and Pcs with ecological and ethical conscious

Do you belong to those who thought this could not be possible? Well, we inform you that indeed there are brands who are more responsible than others. We know this thanks to the report published, last year, by Greenpeace, The Guide to Greener Electronics. The report examined the 17 main IT companies in the world. The report concludes that the most sustainable IT brands are, in first place, Fairphone and, in second place, Apple. In the report both brands obtained a B qualification.

Fairphone is in addition the IT company which tries the hardest in obtaining metals for its mobile phones free from conflict. If you would like to know the degree of involvement of your favourite brand check its mineral policy on their website. If nothing is said in this respect, not good…


  1. Experiences: the favourite present of the youth

Lastly, as not everything are goods, we finish this post with experiences. Based on several reports published last year, the Europeans less materialistic are the Spanish. It also increases with the age, the younger the less materialistic they are. So, here are a few tips for a Christmas present for a girl between 18 and 24: a secret dinner, one day in the spa, wine testing or tickets for a show. You will probably hit the target!



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