5 shoe care tips for your sustainable shoes

By now we all know fashion is not just about the aesthetics, but it’s also about the ethics as well. In a world dominated by the fast fashion industry, where trends come and go in a short space of time, it’s important to start making the changes we want to see on a global scale, at an individual level first. We need to start making healthier choices for our planet and hopefully the rest will follow suit. We’re so used to the fast fashion fleeting trends that we can’t even fathom having something for more than a season, let alone years.

It’s true that sustainable fashion values quality and durability over quantity and volatility. However, for something to be durable, it needs to be treated with special care. It’s our responsibility as consumers to take care and look after the products we buy if we want them to last longer in our wardrobes. The goal is to buy less and better. We’ve decided to share these useful tips to help you look after your Momocs, so that they look perfect no matter how much time has passed or how many times you’ve been rained on.

1. Do not throw away the recycled paper that comes with your Momocs

If you want your Momocs to remain in perfect condition while traveling or even in your wardrobe, remember to keep the recycled paper that comes inside your shoes when you receive them in their box-bag packaging. If by any chance you already threw it away, don’t worry: you can always use a pair of socks to stuff the tip and save space in your suitcase while you’re at it.

2. Reuse the organic cotton bag

At home or when traveling, reuse the cute Momoc bag made from 100% organic cotton. It will protect your shoes and will avoid the dust when you store them away for the next season.

3. Waterproof your shoes with an organic spray

Rain is one of the main factors when it comes to damaging our shoes. As we unfortunately can’t always tell exactly when it’s going to rain or predict where we’ll be when it does, we advise you to protect your shoes beforehand (you know, the whole ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry’ thing) and leave the worrying about the weather forecast for another time. Unfortunately, most of the sprays in the market at the moment are highly pollutant and their sustainable counterparts are not easy to find. The brand Collonil has an organic product range that focuses on looking after your shoes in a sustainable way that cares for our planet. Using 90% natural materials, the spray Protect & Care is great. This highly effective waterproofing spray provides long-lasting protection against dirt and moisture and nourishes the material with real olive oil at the same time. By avoiding propellants, Protect & Care can also be safely used in enclosed spaces.

4. For your shoes made from suède material, use a brush and rubber cleaner

Sometimes, even after we’ve protected our shoes, they can still get a little dirty. In order to always have them in good condition, we recommend you to use a rubber cleaner. It’s cheap, long lasting and effective. We personally like this one from the brand TRG, but any brand should be okay. To clean them, first use a brush to take out the superficial dirt. Then use the rubber. The UGG Care Kit is also a fantastic alternative and works really well.

5. Nivea cream (or other) if the shoe rubs against your feet

If you’re the delicate type when it comes to feet, it’s very important that you protect them and you protect them well. Some people are big fans of the no-show socks when they’re wearing flats, but if this solution is not your thing, we have another one for you. Take a generous dollop of cream, the traditional Nivea cream works well, and apply it all over your feet. It will work as a protective layer and your feet will be safe. Trust us: you’ll see the difference!

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