The Slow Fashion is here to stay. Every day that goes by we are more aware that everything we do is important to preserve the environment. We are fed up of hearing that Fast Fashion is creating an environmental crisis, but it’s true. 80 billion pieces of garments are produced each year, 80 billion! So, the clothes we put into the rubbish bin every season and every year are flooding our planet. This overconsumption together with the speed of such consumption is making the garment industry the second most polluting industry in the world. 20% of the toxics that end up in the rivers and seas have their origin in this industry. Therefore, dressing in a sustainable way will no longer be a trend and will become the rule. If you agree with this, what is stopping you to go for sustainable fashion?

Here are five reasons to go for sustainable fashion Made in Spain.

1 – Proximity equals quality. The nearer we are to our factories and suppliers, higher quality can be offered. The aim is that all the steps in the value-added chain are linked through a visit or a call. And that is how we work here, elbow to elbow with our people. Proximity is also excellence as day-to-day supervision is possible and any error can be detected quickly.

2- Proximity also equals energy saving. Buying Made in Spain means reducing CO₂ emissions. The Made in Spain clothes have only been travelling a few hours before they arrive to our homes. Same happens with Momoc and other Spanish sustainable brands, we make sure that the distance between the factory and warehouse is as short as possible. And that’s exactly what we do, our factory and warehouse is only a few minutes distance!

3- You encourage craftwork and their professions. Our way of understanding the arts and crafts is also culture. Fast Fashion is, in addition to its negative environmental consequence, a detriment to the identity of each country. Not so long ago when we travelled abroad, we could see different styles made by people from that country. The styles, details, colors… of each particular region enriched the culture of the country. Rediscover Spanish fashion also means rediscover Spanish culture.

4 – You benefit national economy and this, of course, benefits you. Going for sustainable fashion Made in Spain is also supporting the creation of new jobs and new industries having as a result profits that are taxed here. We will not provide further details as we are not experts in this field, but we would love you keep this in mind. Doing some research before buying can help you dress better and different and live better in every way possible.

5 – You strengthen the feeling of belonging and that of living in community. We do not realize how mass production and particularly, Fast Fashion, creates characterless individuals. The mass production dehumanizes us. The individual has become solitary numbers consuming the same numbered products. The global image of the barcode that distinguishes the same garment here and on the other side of the world makes the particularities of each country invisible. Our community is warmer and more charismatic than that of the barcode. Behind each sustainable brand Made in Spain is a community with who you have many things in common.

We assure you that these five reasons are only a little sample of everything that you and we win going for sustainable fashion Made in Spain. On top, Spanish designers are addictive ? once you enter the market you can’t stop discovering new brands, trends and styles.

To make your search of sustainable brands Made in Spain easier, we share with you some interesting webs:


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And to combine with any style and be comfy at the same time, here is the link to our collections:

Nine collections thought for nine different ways to show sustainable and designed shoes

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