Today, 28 January, we celebrate World Day for the Reduction of CO2 Emissions. Following the culture of Zero Waste that we integrate in our brand, we tell you some easy and effective tips in order to reduce your CO2 emissions.

When we think about CO2 emissions its normal to imagine big factories, cars, thousands of boats and airplanes crossing the planet each day… however, around 20% of the greenhouse gases have the origin in our homes.

The choice of our electrodomestics, our way of cooking, the house cleaning products we buy, aerosol sprays… makes us source of CO2 emissions. For this reason, each little habit that we change will make the difference. The following post Greenpeace – Personal Use provides tips on household areas.

In this article we will talk about one single thing: Packaging.

We invite you to do the following simple exercise before you continue reading: go around your house or office and check how many products are in packaging; open drawers and closets, how many products have even double packaging?

Important to know that the manufacture and transport of these packaging are one of the main sources of CO2 emissions in the world.

In the last years, the Zero Waste economy has been roadmap to governments and important institutions. Thanks to it, new regulations which force life-long packaging, promote recycling methods and punish poor practices have been approved. However, still the key to a true Zero Waste economy are the people; people with conscious who in their day-to-day create a more sustainable and responsible life. This is a fact, so here are some small but effective measures for a long sustainable life!

  1. Choose big! In addition, such packaging is cheaper so great for your household savings. Choose cleaning products in big packs, soft drinks in big bottles instead of many small ones. However, if you can avoid buying products in plastic packaging is just super. For example, buy bar of soaps wrapped with paper instead of shower gels in plastic bottles and washing machine soap in big carboard boxes.


  1. Avoid unnecessary packaging. We know it’s confy buying fruits and vegetables already wrapped and no need to queue to weight them, however, in a near future this is terrible for the environment. Reducing packaging of fresh food is possible and benefits your health! The best is to buy them using reusable bags. An alternative are zero-packaging shops, check your nearby shop.


  1. Try avoiding pre-made food and take fresh homemade food to work. It means household savings and a healthier life. Homemade food has five times less impact than already made industrial food. If you want to understand this concept, read the following article: What is the environmental impact of your lunch-time sandwich?


  1. Better glass packaging than plastic. Glass packaging is less harmful to the environment, 100% recyclable and easier to give them a second life.


  1. Important to notice the materials the packaging are made from and go for simple, respectful and biodegradable ones. In Momoc this was one of our first concerns. How to be consistent with our philosophy while putting in the market hundreds of cardboard boxes each day, even if they were made from recycled cardboard. Our solution: reusable shoe bags made from 100% ecological cotton. It’s a simple packaging and very useful to reuse, for example, to store your shoes when travelling.


We are aware that the most environmentally friendly choices are not always the easiest nor the most comfortable. We know this way before creating Momoc and its a reality we face with dozens of day-to-day challenges. And, probably as you do, in Momoc we analyze our environmental impact (transport, origin of our materials, way of manufacture, packaging). And each day we try to improve in order to be nearer to the Zero Waste ideal.

Each challenge exceeded is a new motivation to continue believing in our way of living and manufacture. It is necessary that people with conscious and determined to live in a sustainable world encourage and congratulate each other for choosing not the easiest road but the best one, and that we share experiences to continue improving and moving forward.

We hope this post was useful and we thank you very much for reading us!


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