In Momoc we just love loafers and ballerinas shoes. They are comfy and easy to wear as they adapt to all kind of situations: from a working day at the office, to an afterwork and cocktail, including business meetings or a walk through your favorite city. For this exact reason of adaptability, they are essential in our collections created for women who improvise and stretch their days as much as possible, just like us!

We love combining our loafers and ballerinas with jeans and skinny jeans. In black color, even better, so the shoes obtain all the attention! In Autumn with fancy long coats they look super nice. And they give personality to leather jackets and band t-shirts. Thanks to their size, they fit anywhere, so perfect for weekend and business trips.

We could even write three articles describing the advantages of loafers and ballerinas, but we prefer to share with you these curiosities on loafers you probably didn’t know:

The term “moccasin” comes from the word makasin, which means shoes in the Algonquian languages from the powhata people

This type of footwear was traditional between the native people in North America. They were manufactured by women, with the sole glued and one or two pieces of leather. Men, women and children wore the same shoes.

The design travelled from America to Norway

The Norwegian people who came from North America merged the makasin design from the native people with the traditional shoes of the Norwegian fishermen. The American soldiers who then travelled to Norway during the First World War, were so fascinated by this type of footwear that they took the design back to America.

It became popular during the 30s between the American bourgeoisie

The House G.H. Bass & Co launched in 1936 the model Weejun for men. The commercial name is a mix between the native and Norwegian origins. In fact, the term Weejun it’s a phonetic variation from the demonym of the Norwegian people.

One of the most popular moccasin model in England received the name of Penny Loafer

The name refers to the central gap of the shoe, where a penny perfectly fits in. From various articles we found on the internet, it is said that the English bourgeoisie of the time kept a penny in the loafers to use in case of emergency, however, this is not historically proved. What’s true is that in the last century a penny meant a lot!

In the 40s they became the footwear of the university students

Thanks to its design, comfort and that they became popular between the writers of the famous Lost Generation.

Thanks to Audrey Hepburn they became popular between women

At a first stage, women had to buy men loafers in boy’s sizes. Lucky for us, that time is over!

Gucci made the loafers popular in the high-society

Thanks to the model Horsebit, which form and lines were more stylish than the regular loafers and were manufactured in polished calf leather.

In 2013, coinciding with the 60º anniversary of the first Gucci loafer, the brand prepared an exhibition of the loafers’ history and its curiosities

The exhibition included the loafers Madonna wore in the MTV Video Music Awards, the loafers Brad Pitt wore in the Fight Club film and the ones that Jodie Foster made popular during the 70s.

The most expensive loafers in the World cost $ 2 million dollar!

Yep, this is correct. Designed by Tom Ford, who was searching for the perfect model and none satisfied him. The owner of the loafers is the rapper and actor Nick Cannon, made in white gold and encrusted with 14,000 white diamonds. 2,000 hours of work were needed for its manufacture. Yep, close to nothing!

Just like our loafers ? the Saumon collection. Which, on top of being original and stylish, are made under criterion of responsible manufacture, being respectful with the planet.

Hope you have learned some curiosities, now probably you will not see your loafers in the same way!

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Cheers and see you soon!

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