There are boring movies, movies that are amusing and then there are those types of movies that are a turning point; movies that you will always remember, and you will keep in your heart. We are sure that the movies we talk about here belong in the last category.

Some will awake your ecological conscious; others, will bring you closer to the explorers whom many people have been inspired by thanks to their documentaries; others, will thrill you, thanks to their heroes and the way they express nature.

Are you ready to see some good movies? Alright, let’s go!


  1. Ten Billion: The most troubled truth about how we are really treating nature

The documentary Ten Billion starts and ends with one idea: if we knew an asteroid is going to hit Earth in a relatively near future and that it will end 70% of life on our planet, all Governments will create an unprecedented alliance in order to find a solution and secure our survival.

Well, at least we know that there is no asteroid. However, there are real threats that can cause a devasting aftermath and it seems like we are not being serious enough about them.

We are talking about the overpopulation, the food industry revolution and the wastefulness of our resources.

The prestigious scientific Stephen Emmott, writer of the documentary, explains how we have arrived to this situation and predicts a future based on statistics and scientific studies. We recommend that you watch it. Surely, after watching, you won’t be able to help but to change your daily actions. For now, we can only reveal that if we don’t work to solve the current problem today, a not very encouraging future awaits us.

One of the solutions is to demand effective measures from politicians to protect the environment. And always bearing in mind, as we mentioned in our last post, that the health of nature also depends on you!

  1. Dolphin Man: The man who discovered the deep sea

Until the 80s, only a few scuba divers where able to reach more than 50 meters into deep water. It was incredibly dangerous. In fact, the slightest mistake could cause the death of the scuba diver

There is always someone who is not afraid to push human abilities and surpass technological limits; and thanks to those people, new worlds have been discovered. One of those heroes is Jacques Mayol, the first free diver to dive more than 100 meters deep. He is a legend.

His success in the sports field are a tribute to his personal experiences. And, as the people who knew him would probably say, “Jacques Mayol was a man who was born to live in communion with nature”. Sadly, nowadays, human beings turn their backs on nature more and more.

  1. Jacques: The “Oceanographer” who made us fall in love with marine life

Do you remember those sweet evenings when we were kids, or even teenagers, when we discovered the marine life through the documentaries of Jacques Cousteau? Thanks to this biopic of Jerômé Salle, Jacques, you can now discover the man who plowed through the oceans aboard Calypso discovering the most remote paradises of the planet for us.

We believe that Salle wanted to show us the most realistic image of the man who made us dream since we were kids. So, he has not been blind by the lights of Cousteau, but has shown his shadows. We cannot promise you that you won’t see Jacques with fresh eyes after watching the biopic. If this happens to you, then you are going to love Philippe, the rebel son of Jacques Cousteau who, in the end, helped him open his eyes towards the errors he was making, to put an end to them, help create the Cousteau we know today.


  1. The Blue Lagoon: The beauty of innocence

Filmed during the Victorian era, this film tells the story of a girl and a boy who, after surviving a shipwreck, fought for their survival on a paradisiacal desert island in Fiji. There they learned what nature gives to us, including sexuality.

The Blue Lagoon is the oldest film we talk about in this post. Nevertheless, even though it has certain tastiness of another era, we are sure that once you watch it you will want to see it again and again. Why? The innocence of the film triggers a state of daydream that you will not want to wake up from!


  1. Life of Pi: Nature and Hope

To conclude this post, we have left the most famous and rewarded film of all for last. Written by Yann Martel, directed by Ang Lee and starring, a then rookie, Suraj Sharma, Life of Pi shows a magnificent combination of mysticism, nature and adventure on the big screen.

In the movie, narrated by an old Pi, Piscine Molitor Patel, tells his life story to a journalist. He talks about his childhood in the zoo in Pondicherry, and how after a disastrous episode, they were forced on a boat journey to Canada.

The movie starts with the shipwreck taking Pi and his family to the American country. Pi will then be forced to survive 227 days in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with the only companion of the tiger Richard Parker…


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