*The photo is from the NY Package Free Shop, a must visit if you are in NYC!

Celebrating International Recycling Day

with Package Free shops!

Today, 17 May, we celebrate International Recycling Day. We all know recycling is nowadays a must and we are sure many of you make an effort, not only to recycle, but to recycle correctly, which is not always easy.

For five years I was living between Luxembourg and Germany and there the recycle system is just great and easy. Would love to read about how the recycle system works in your respective countries, it may give some ideas to Spain, which needs a bit of impulse to improve our recycled system. Please share it on the comments below.

For example, for those of you who live in Germany, its fantastic the way a few cents are paid on top for those products packed with plastic or glass. These packages are then returned via the machines installed in the supermarkets and the cents paid on top are given back on a ticket to be deducted off your supermarket ticket.

These type of easy practices motivate people to recycle. However, our priority, if we want a cleaner planet, should be Reducing our waste, not Recycling.

For the Spanish article we have listed package free shops located in Madrid and its surroundings. This would be complicated to list for each European country (and the World!), but we motivate you to search for the package free shops closest to your home, most probably you will find at least one!

It’s all about routines, now we are generally used to going to the (normal) supermarkets and buying all these products packed with plastic, cardboard and glass. When we arrive home, we have not yet eaten and the bin is just full! I have started buying in package free shops and the feeling is great, the kitchen looks nicer, tidier and cleaner!

We advice you to try, you will probably like the experience and then it will become a routine and you will forget how in the past you bought more plastic than food!

What do you think about the package free shops? Would love to read your comments below!


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