Dear friend,

This is a humble shout from the bottom of my heart and is addressed to you.

It’s possible that it occurs to you the same as me: you switch on TV and you see news such as that by 2050 oceans could contain more plastic than fish or that the fast fashion industry is creating an environmental crisis. I imagine you have mixed feelings between fear, anger and helplessness that may show some tears in your eyes, that’s what happens to me. Then you see the kids around you and think to yourself, “which type of Planet are we going to leave you? In which type of World are you going to live in? Would you be able to enjoy a weekend in the countryside when you grow older? All these thoughts give me goosebumps, does it happen the same to you?”.

However, I’m not writing this to make you unease. On the contrary. If I’m writing this is to tell you that you can indeed stop this situation; that the environment and its inhabitants – starting by your children and the children you know – need you.

I know. I know. Probably, while reading these words you are thinking, “but what do you want me to do? The problem is huge and I’m just an ordinary mortal. I do not have the power to change anything”. Well, please let me tell you that it is not right. There is, at least, a small part of the world that you can change, you know which one? You! Your daily actions, your shopping habits, what you eat… it all depends exclusively on you and they do have a big environmental impact.

Just stop for a moment and think on what you have done today. Have you bought products with a plastic packaging? Did you dress up with fast fashion clothes? To commute did you go in a sustainable mean of transport or by car? Have you damaged nature in some way today? Well, if you have, now multiply the impact by 7 billion and you will realize why there is an environmental crisis.

But, let me tell you the other side of the story. It is not only possible to multiply the harm we do to the Planet. We can do the same with our efforts and good actions. Can you imagine a world free from plastic bags? Or that each one of us went to the supermarket with our own containers and that we used them time after time? How would a Planet where we didn’t waste water, energy and raw materials be?


Would you like to live in that type of planet? Then, don’t forget it.

The health of nature depends on you!

The Planet can be healthy and beautiful again thanks to you!


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