Dressing for work is hard. Doesn’t matter if your wardrobe is full of clothes or if you have opted for more of a minimalistic approach. When the inspiration doesn’t strike, there’s nothing you can do about it. Well, almost nothing.  Today we want to help you in those days when finding a good outfit for work seems harder than solving a riddle in an Indiana Jones movie. Here are eight fall/winter work outfit ideas that will certainly help you on those ‘I have nothing to wear’ mornings.

1. Accessories for when you’re running late

So, the alarm didn’t go off and you only have half an hour left to do everything you’re meant to do. Breathe, let’s not panic. We’ve all had mornings like this and the worst thing you can do is try to be adventurous with your outfit choices and begin experimenting with colours. Instead, try going for your basic pieces and leave the experimentation to the accessories. Put on a pair of shoes that will make you stand out, like these vegan and sustainable PanthĂšre Noire ballerinas made from velvet and wool-like thread, a pair of statement earrings to brighten up your face and voilĂ ! You’ll have an outfit in less than 10 minutes and plenty of time left to do everything else.

2. Channel your inner Blair Waldorf

When we talk about accessories, we tend to forget that hair can also be a part of the equation and this year, we’re in luck. Headbands are in style this season, and the chunkier and preppier, the better. So grab yourself one, and pair it with a yet again, simple outfit. The good thing about elegant trousers is that not only they fit incredible, but they’re also very comfortable, and when you’re sitting on a chair for a good chunk of your day, comfort is key. We’ve paired our outfit with the Python Velours, made from 100% black velvet cotton. The perfect shoes for when you want something simple that will also elevate your look. Also, they’re most definitely Blair Waldorf approved.

3. Conquer the world with a good power suit

They don’t call it power suit for nothing. There’s something about a suit that makes you feel empowered, like you could do anything you set your mind to. Also, it’s super easy to pull off and requires almost no thought at all, which is we want in the mornings. Pair it with a plain t-shirt, your favourite jewellery pieces (we personally love the golden touches, but silver works great as well) and a pair of classic ballerinas, like these Nuage Noir Velours made from ecological chrome-free and metal-free leather.

4. Use the satin skirt you bought this summer

During the summer, we buy items of clothes we absolutely love and will literally wear them at any chance we get. But then fall comes around and it seems like we have to immediately replace the skirts with chunky sweaters and big scarves. We say put the scarves away for now, and bring out your sweaters. Pair your satin skirt with a wool sweater, or any summer dress with a bigger jacket. To finish it off, pair it with some ballerinas and your favourite jewellery pieces, and you’ve got yourself a winning outfit. We’ve paired ours with the LĂ©zard RayĂ© ballerinas, perfect for any time of the year.

5. A grown-up back to school look

Last year we got to see more than a few overalls. Although this year the trend probably won’t be that present in stores, that doesn’t mean we can’t still wear them. On the contrary. Clothes should be timeless. It’s okay to get inspired by trends, but it’s never good to feel like you exclusively dress according to them. We say don’t be afraid to sport a good pair of heels with a shorter dress, like these Cobra Noir with a heel made from 100% wood. It will make you feel like you are Naomi Campbell long lost sister, trust us. And if you feel uncomfortable, put on some tights and rock the look.

6. A touch of colour for a 180Âș turn

Sometimes you only need a touch of colour to give your look the 180Âș turn it needs. Pencil skirts are great for when your office requires a stricter dress code. They’re a timeless classic and usually go well with almost everything. But strict doesn’t have to mean boring. And when your clothing options are limited, colours are your friends. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about going straight for the bright orange or the neon yellow. You can opt for more muted colours such as a brick red or an olive green (maybe even both?). Although stilettos look great with this sort of look, long days at the office require being comfortable and for that we suggest you invest in a shoe that will slenderise your feet, like these LĂ©zard ballerinas made from ecological leather.

7. Freelancers: we got you

No, we haven’t forgotten about you. We know not everyone works in an office. Co-workings are getting more and more crowded as digital nomads grow by the minute. For those of you who make your own rules, we suggest you make the most out of your options while keeping it simple and convenient for moving around from cafĂ© to cafĂ©. Button up your favourite jacket and wear it as a sweater. This season you will see less mom jeans and more bootcut, flared and longer jeans. Pair it with bold ballerinas, like these FĂ©lin Noir and some statement earrings to bring the whole look together.

8. Colour-block your way out of a creative rut

Dressing in the winter is fun the first few months, but after a while our outfits seem to get duller as the skies get greyer. To that we say: don’t be afraid to bring the colour back into your life. Especially when it involves a grand total of two single colours. We based our look around these baby blue Boule de Neige ballerinas made from ecological sheep skin and went on from there. We know one-tone dressing might not be for everyone but it’s fun, and we love it. Remember, it doesn’t have to be the same exact tone. You can play around with nuances and then add a bright colour in one of your pieces as the final touch.

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