Hi #MomocLover! Do you already have plans for this Easter? If you still have a spot or you are looking for new ideas, you will love this post. We have listed seven sustainable plans for our clients, friends and family who want to have a good time respecting the planet and the people.

This list contains weekend plans and those other plans which are in line with Momoc’s spirit: you know how your day starts but not how it ends. And your Momocs adapt to all kind of situations! You can visit an exhibition, discover a city by bike, go to the opening of a restaurant and end in a fashion club without changing your shoes. You will look nice, be comfortable and respect your ethics towards the planet and its people. What else can you ask for?!

Enjoy these seven Easter plans!

  1. Have you tried the escape room?

For two or more people, the objective of this game is to enjoy while working your mind and your capacity to cooperate. All together you need to pass the tests and try to escape from the room in a limited period of time. The natural resources and energy waste in these types of activity is generally very little and in addition to it, you contribute to your local economy.

  1. Do you like alternative board games?

The following link contains a list of family environmental education board games: Great Eco-Friendly Board Games. This is the perfect plan to enjoy with your kids!

  1. Discover the new ways to relax and enjoy in sustainable hotels and restaurants

Respect for nature and the circular economy initiatives have become very popular within restaurants. Check the sustainable restaurants list! And for inspiration and curiosity, find out which are the top 7 world’s most sustainable hotels.

  1. Collect wild asparagus while accepting a #trashchallenge

For this plan you would need to leave your Momocs at home, but it’s worth it! To go on your own, with your family and/or friends, it’s perfect to get fresh air and just feel good! Take your basket for the asparagus and bags for the rubbish you find on the way. And these good actions generally get the attention of other people who probably will join you and follow your example!

  1. Go for local tourism visiting the museums of your city

Put on your favorite Momocs and visit that exhibition you have been postponing, don’t leave it for tomorrow, then it will be gone 😊

  1. Visit charming villages near your city

For a day, to have lunch, a little walk and if you like, a horse ride, and escape from the noisy city. Easter is the perfect moment for it, discover the villages and their local gastronomy. We love buying natural honey, pastries or a little something to enjoy the rest of the week.

  1. Take a look at the Easter programs organized by your local environmental education centre

There are great sustainable plans and totally free to enjoy on your own, with your family and /or friends. And of course, perfect for kids and doggies. We share the agenda of Madrid’s centre, but check out the one in your city.


Have you enjoyed our list? We would love you share with us your sustainable Easter plans and give ideas to our community. You are always welcome to write to momoc@momocshoes.com to share your experiences, suggestions, questions or just for a chat, this is your home #MomocLover!

To end this article and wishing you to have a lovely and unique Easter, we share with you this fragment of the book Into The Wild. We hope you get inspired by it, they way it inspires us to continue reinventing ourselves with you and walking side by side to our principles. We would like to remind you that, sometimes, what is correct and what makes us feel satisfied may not be near nor accessible. However, the pathway to look for it – and find it – might be the most passionate missions in our lives.

You are wrong if you think Joy emanates only or principally from human relationships. God has placed it all around us. It is in everything and anything we might experience. We just have to have the courage to turn against our habitual lifestyle and engage in unconventional living”.


Cheers and see you soon!


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