Hi MomocLover! How is the start of your summer going? It’s time of sun, sandals… and especially its time to take care of your feet and dedicate them all the attention they are worthy of!  In this article you will find the key advices to show off your feet this summer!

Two daily cream feet sessions

And take your time to enjoy them! At night but also before going out, as it is when your feet need cream most. Your feet suffer if you don’t protect them with the appropriate cream. Not with body lotions, your feet need more oil than the rest of your body. You would need to use special feet lotion; you will notice the difference!

When your feet are very dry, sleep with socks!

This way, the lotion will be absorbed much better and your feet will rehydrate. And if, on top, you apply lotions with 50% urea, the following day you will wake up with new and silky feet 😉

Take care of them!

Careful with the cleaning instruments you use (scissors, tweezers, nail file…). Use softer ones as these ones can create little wounds which can get infected easily when wearing sandals. And if you need professional treatments don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with your podiatrist.

Twice a week use exfoliant

And enjoy the difference! And remember drying them very well after the shower, paying special attention to the skin between the feet fingers.

Never forget the sun cream!

The feet can also get sun burned, so use sun cream every time your wear sandals and after sun when you have enjoyed a day in the beach or swimming pool.

Opt for sandals made from natural materials

Use natural fabrics (cotton) and leather so your feet can easily perspire. Avoid plastics and similar. Not only are they harmful for your feet, also they are extremely pollutant for the planet.

Have you already tried the antiperspirant?

Don’t mixed them up with deodorants, they are not the same. These products avoid the humidity on the feet so the skin does not chap because of the sweat. There are a lot of pro planet options which are natural and aluminum-free.

Avoid abusing of nail polish

We know it’s hard, the feet look so nice! So we recommend using natural and good quality products as the nails lose strength with the excess of nail polish. Specially, try avoiding the permanent nail polish (or have a break every now and then) as they are difficult to get rid of and can worsen infections.

Cold vs warm feet baths

The best during summer is to have feet baths in warm water and immediately after in very cold water. Then put your feet up on the wall and rest! The best remedy when you had a busy day and you need to recover energy for a dinner!

Avoid walking with flip flops

Remember they are not designed to walk and when we use them a lot it can derive on walking problems (called anti-algic).

Your insoles always with you!

When you need special insoles, buy footwear which adapts to them or visit the podiatrist to have new ones which adapt to your summer footwear. Use them always, even in summer, if you forget about them you may suffer from feet and body pains and that’s not cool!

Check your feet once a week

The podiatrist recommends checking the sole for little cuts and infections, it’s easy and will avoid you bigger problems!


Did you find the tips useful? We invite you to share them and provide us with your comments, all additional tips are always welcome. Write to us at momoc@momocshoes.com.

Cheers and read us soon!


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